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Choose From Three Ride Lengths

50 KM

The 50km ride is a great beginner route that covers beautiful countryside and guarantees a fun and memorable experience for participants.  This route will finish with lunch at Holland Marsh Winery, and you will take a coach bus to the Finish Line Carnival at Baycrest.

75 KM

Skip the Hills! This route allows you to enjoy the full B2B experience without the difficulty of hills! This route will begin in Barrie and continue to Holland Marsh Winery. You will then travel by coach bus to Maple Downs and finish the ride with the 100 km riders at Baycrest.

100 KM

The scenic 100km ride begins in Barrie and makes its way through the valleys and farmland north of Toronto. It’s a challenging and exhilarating course for recreational riders.

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Along The Route


Start Line: Heritage Park, Barrie

25 KM

Rest Stop 1: Killarney Beach Public School for all riders.

50 KM

Rest Stop 2: Holland Marsh Winery for 75 km & 100 km riders. Finish line and lunch for 50 km riders. 50 km riders will board a coach to Baycrest, while 75 km riders will board a coach to Maple Downs Golf & Country Club where they will continue their ride.

75 KM

Rest Stop 3: Rest Stop 3, Maple Downs Golf & Country Club and lunch for 75 km & 100 km riders. 75 km riders will rejoin the ride.

100 KM

Finish Line: Baycrest for 75 km & 100 km riders. Finish Line Carnival for all riders, friends and family!

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Baycrest is a global leader in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, with a special focus on brain health and aging.


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