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Training Plan

Need a little help getting physically fit for the 100km or 50km ride? Use the links below for a four-month training plan from our resident B2B trainer, Aubrey Bryce.

Meet Your Trainer

Aubrey Bryce has been an esteemed contributor to the international sports industry for more than 50 years – and now you can access his exclusive B2B training tips. His experience as an Olympic athlete and owner of Enduro Training Systems will contribute to your success. Aubrey’s training methods will remove the guesswork and make your results more predictable and the benefits achieved more consistent, progressive and lasting.

Training Resources

Starting in late spring, you can attend one of our training rides! These training events are designed to prepare you for Barrie 2 Baycrest. You will meet other participants, train, and develop camaraderie - all of which are integral to your success on event day.

Prefer something less structured?  Create your own training rides! Grab some friends and hit the trails!  Check out some of these resources to help you find the perfect training ride

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About Baycrest

Baycrest is a global leader in geriatric residential living, healthcare, research, innovation and education, with a special focus on brain health and aging.


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